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Consistency, Trustworthiness and Brand Loyalty

You’re in the middle of a busy, stressful day. A lunch break escape to your favorite coffee shop has been on your mind for hours. You finally get a break, fight through traffic, pull into the parking lot, and approach the door feeling pumped to relax in the comfort of your fav cafe, only to realize…it’s closed. You checked their hours online and it said they were open, but here you are face to face with a CLOSED sign. At this moment, how are you feeling about this place that you’ve come to love so much? Frustrated? Annoyed? Discouraged? Trust compromised. 

This all too familiar scenario is one of many small but important ways that inconsistencies in communication and marketing can lead to major setbacks in your brand’s trustworthiness and the loyalty of your customer base. You’ve worked hard to create an exceptional small business; don’t allow mistakes like this to fracture your brand’s image.

So what is brand consistency, and how does it impact brand loyalty? We’re so glad you asked!

When it comes to marketing your business, consistency is key. If your brand feels different to your customers every time they interact with it, they’re going to lose confidence in what you can offer them. The example from the opening paragraph is an obvious one, but a less obvious thing many small businesses don’t consider is how little inconsistencies can accumulate and undermine brand loyalty. Whether we’re talking about product quality, services provided, the voice in your messaging, or the accuracy of communications across platforms, inconsistencies will lead to trust lost. 

Let’s look at an example of a brand that knocks it out of the park with their brand consistency. McDonald’s is one of the most successful and recognizable brands in the world. Whether you are in a McDonald’s in Iowa, or Istanbul, it will look and feel virtually the same. Same colors, same smells, same base menu, same lighting, same uniforms on employees, same golden arches, from sea to shining sea. When trying to foster brand loyalty through consistency, no detail is too small to consider.

Quick Tips on How to Ensure Brand Consistency 

Have similar verbiage and voice across every single piece of communication. Your communications are a constant conversation with your customer base. Consistency in language allows you to communicate with maximum fluency and effectiveness to this vitally important group. 

Keep branding colors the same on EVERYTHING. Your colors are the best way to make your brand instantly recognizable, and if you’re good at what you do, you want to be instantly recognizable. 

Update every digital outlet and social media platform consistently. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Youtube, Etsy and more. You never know where people are going to find information about your business, so make sure that all outlets are up to date and accurate. 

Ensure all of your communications have a purpose that is clearly beneficial to the consumer. Poorly thought-out communication will make your brand come off as sales-y and unprofessional.

Engage your customer base – be social on social media! Engaging your audience will further build their trust in your brand and foster a sense of brand loyalty. Plus, all social media platforms have algorithms that promote posts with high engagement. Tag collaborators, include a comment call to action in your posts, reply to comments and share posts from your brand allies. 

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