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Keep Social In Social Media

Keep it social. Posting a photo of your product every day, isn’t it. Posting Random pictures of your friends at your bar, also- not cutting it.

Focus on what you want to communicate to your potential customers and current audience. Maybe it’s to use your lotion and chapstick every day. Why use yours? Take those talking points and translate them into socially engaging campaigns. Include that raw footage of your friends using chapstick on a trail, and post curated photos of your product in a travel bag.

THEN- Don’t forget to comment on other pages you target to follow. We like to think of our brand as a character, as a person of its own. That way, you can judge who to follow and interact with. The quick answer is to interact with those interacting with you. Then be intentional with those you follow. Begin with a follow-unfollow campaign. Follow people, interact often (scrolling, liking, etc.) and you’ll see who are active, quality followers and who you don’t need to follow. The last step, you guessed it, unfollow those that don’t add value to your thread just as you would interact if you represented yourself. The HUGE difference is do what’s best for the company voice and not your own. All other interaction should be the same. It’s why the Instagram and Facebook algorithms exist> To keep it social.

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